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Aquaguard Duo RO+UV

Aquaguard Duo RO+UV
Aquaguard Duo RO+UV
Product Code : 40
Product Description

Worried about whether your stored filter water could be breeding diseases? Aquaguard DUO is a water purifier that helps your family to live healthy. The DUO is equipped with Global RO and UV technologies of G.RO.UV.TH - It continuously purifies your water and prevents recontamination at all times. It re-circulates stored purified RO water periodically, destroys harmful disease-causing bacteria and virus, and gives you pure and safe drinking water, again and again.

  • Last Point Purification System
    It purifies water just before the outlet so that you get contamination-free water only at the time of consumption, and not before.

  • Re-circulating Pump
    It circulates water through the UV Disinfection Column for 5 minutes every 6 hours to give the purest water.

  • Self-Cleaning System
    The intelligent system ensures superior and effective membrane performance by auto-cleaning every minute for 2 hours.

  • Enhanced Storage Capacity
    An ample storage capacity of 10 litres ensures that you never run out of safe drinking water.

  • Electronic Membrane
    Life Enhancer enhances membrane life and improves water flow to keep your purifier functioning effectively.

  • Intelligent Interface
    The interface is equipped with four intelligent Indicators that simplify water processing:
    1 Power Indicator: It illuminates to indicate faultless functioning of the electrical circuit.
    2 Water Process: Water purification begins after 30 seconds if everything seems fine.
    3 UV Lamp: The UV LED blinks if the UV lamp fails.
    4 Tank Full: It illuminates to indicate when the tank is full.

Input Water Turbidity 15 NTU
Input Water Iron content ( Max) 0.3 mg/lit. (max)
Input Voltage 230 V AC / 50 Hz
Water Flow Rate* 10 litres/hour
Purifying Technology Reverse Osmosis (RO)+ Ultra Violet (UV)
Filtration / Purification Modules Particulate Filter, Pre Activated Carbon, Clarity Cartridge, RO Membrane, Post Activated Carbon , Ultra Violet
Applicable TDS Range in Input Water 500 mg/lit (min) - 2000 mg/lt (max)
TDS Reduction 70 % (approx) [90% for Aquaguard Enhance RO]
Tank Capacity 10 Litres
Applicable Input Water Pressure Range 0.6 - 2.0 kg /cm 2
Max Input water chlorine 0.2ppm (max.)
Input Water Temperature 5°C - 45°C
Dimension 400 x 246 x 568 in mm (W x D x H)
Net weight 11.7 kg
Power Rating 40 Watts