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Pureit Marvella RO

Pureit Marvella RO
Pureit Marvella RO
Product Code : 51
Brand Name : Pureit
Product Description
Highest Level of TDS Removal
  • Pureit Marvella RO removes dissolved impurities in water like heavy metals, rust and excess salts to turn hard water of upto 2000 PPM into soft and tasty water.
  • Triple safety assurance of RO+UVM+ROPL
  • Pureit Marvella RO is powered with RO, UVM and ROPL which purifies the water not once but twice, ensuring you always get only 100% pure drinking water.
  • Advance 5 stage technology
  • Its advanced 5 stage purification technology comprising of Pre SF + CF + Post SF + RO + UVM ensures you get 100% pure and safe water.
  • RO Purity Lock System
  • Pureit Marvella RO has a unique RO purity Lock System which locks the RO membrane when its purifying power is over ensuring you never have unsafe water.
  • Advance Alert System
  • This unique feature gives you 4 different warnings including a 15-day advance warning before the RO membrane shuts off.
  • Large 8 litres Storage Tank
  • Pureit Marvella Roâ„¢ has 8 litres of storage tank. So you don't need to fill vessels or water bottles.
  • Break Resistant Tap
  • Fitted at a height to ensure easy filling of bottles and tested upto 50,000 times for break resistance.
  • Voltage Spike Guard
  • This protects your purifier from sudden voltage fluctuation from as low as 130 volts to as high as 230 volts.
  • Removes one crore virus in 1L of water.